Update - 2013 Land Speed Racing Season

Well, we've been running a normally aspirated Dodge R5 engine in our land speed racing modified roadster since we built the car in 2008. This engine package allowed my son's Ryan & Kevin to learn how to drive on the Bonneville Salt Flats along with El Mirage dry lake. Eventually they both set records at El Mirage entering the "Dirty 2" club with Kevin entering the club in May of 2011 @ 213.609 mph. Older brother Ryan set his record in Nov. of 2012 @ 216.503 mph. They are only the 5th pair of brothers to enter the El Mirage 200 MPH Club in over 70 years of racing on the dry lakes of southern California.

Turbocharged For 2013

After the 2012 racing season the guys and I talked about what direction we wanted our racing program to go. In one word; Turbocharger!

Mitech has a history of building high output turbocharged engines so it seemed like a natural step up the speed ladder.




I've ordered another set of quick change gears for El Mirage as the ones we were running were not the best for the speeds we needed to run.

Modified at El Mirage


Lastly I would like to thank you ALL for the help, support, and encouragement you've given us over the last few years. Projects like this take lots of time and effort (and also a few bucks) but it's important for us to remember everyone who participates either by helping or watching, we appreciate it immensely.

Mike LeFevers & Family
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Celebrating getting into The 2 Club


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